The project of DOKOYO is simple. We are trying to help transform some of the problems of our times into opportunities. Constantly striving towards change for the better.

We all are fully aware of the importance in our small daily actions. And that with conscious efforts we can ultimately lead to changing the direction of some of these problems for a more inhabitable planet.

People should never underestimate what a small group of determined souls can do if they work together.

Always keeping in mind that our task ultimately is to create happiness and harmony around us with a full respect of the earth and all of its inhabitants.


Dokoyo is Bali’s original sustainable & unique beach underwear art brand, made from recycled plastic bottles, with over 1,000,000 happy customers globally.

Our factory exclusively produces the most silky smooth, luxurious, comfortable & top quality tailored products imaginable. You need to touch, feel & wear to believe it. Sometimes it will seem like you aren’t wearing anything at all!

Worldwide, over a billion plastic water bottles are made per day. Only 29% of those are recycled. At Dokoyo, we are just trying to help and promote a more circular economy for our global community.

Our Italian designer always creates the most unusual and unique prints, as your own wearable art. All of our underwear can also be worn as swimwear. An excellent choice for any active lifestyle.

The tourist-based economy in Bali was hit hard by the recent pandemic. With your help, we are bringing back many fair wage job opportunities. 

We promise to continuously strive to be good, sustainable, eco-friendly & socially conscious.

Please join us on this special journey from Bali and let’s make a difference together!


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