Welcome to DOKOYO: Where Fun Meets Sustainability in Every Stitch.

Our Story

How nice is it when people ask us certain questions!
What is your name?
What is your favorite color?
Do you want to play with me?

Questions are like keys, and each key opens a new door.
A beautiful question can open a beautiful story.

"Dokoyo" in Japanese means
"Where are you coming from?"

For us, this is a beautiful question.
A beautiful question is the beginning of a beautiful story.

One answer for us could be that our story is still to be written, along with all those who will ask us more beautiful questions.

We like to think that, like a snowball, we are simply rolling down a hill and will become bigger, roll faster, become stronger, and involve all the other snowflakes we find in our path, accumulating more and more speed together until the hill ends.

Then, when the sun becomes hot, the snowflakes melt and fly back up. And one day, with the right conditions, those same snowflakes will come back down and perhaps become a new snowball.

Where we come from, we don't know, nor where we are going.
We just want to find other snowflakes to laugh and be close to one another.

Our Values


Embrace diversity in all its forms, celebrating differences and promoting inclusivity within our community and beyond.


Strive for originality in design and innovation, creating products that stand out for its creativity and uniqueness.


Foster a culture of kindness and empathy, treating every individual with respect and compassion.


Commit to using organic and sustainable materials in our products, prioritizing environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing practices.


Embrace a youthful spirit of fun and playfulness, infusing joy and energy into everything we do.


Maintain an optimistic outlook, believing in the power of positivity to inspire change and drive progress.

Meet our Founder - Horacio Castano

Horacio Castano, an Italian visionary, journeyed to Bali 30 years ago and founded DOKOYO, a brand that merges innovation and sustainable living. Deeply inspired by Bali's culture and environment, Horacio's vision transformed DOKOYO into a leader in eco-friendly fashion, emphasizing creativity, style, and responsibility.

DOKOYO isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good too. With Horacio's pioneering spirit, the brand continuously inspires positive change in the fashion industry. Join us in embracing a lifestyle that values sustainability and creativity, making a stylish impact on the world, one outfit at a time. 🌿👙


Eco-Friendly Focus

Eco-Friendly Focus

Prioritizing sustainability, our products are crafted with the environment in mind, utilizing recycled materials and eco-friendly production processes.

Size-Inclusive Design

Size-Inclusive Design

We believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident. Our inclusive sizing ensures that all body types are catered to, promoting a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Premium Quality & Supreme Stretch

Premium Quality & Supreme Stretch

Engineered for lasting comfort and performance, our products are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials. Our specialized printing technique ensures vibrant colors and patterns that resist fading and maintain their integrity wash after wash.

Playful & Expressive design

Playful & Expressive

Infusing joy and personality into every design, our product collection is a celebration of individuality. From bold prints to innovative styles, we aim to make product not just a necessity, but a source of fun and self-expression.