How nice it is when people ask us specific questions! What is your name?
What's your favorite color? Do you want to play with me? Questions are like keys;
each key opens a different door, and a beautiful question can open a beautiful story.
Dokoyo in Japanese means "Where are you coming from?"
For us, this is a beautiful question and the beginning of a beautiful story.
All of us have a different answer, and our story doesn’t end there;
it still needs to be written along the way. It may be beautiful, happy, or sad,
but it depends on our chosen path.
We have a way of thinking like a snowball: it starts small at the top, rolls down the hill,
and will get bigger. When it rolls faster, it becomes stronger and involves all other snowflakes
it finds in its path. With all these collected snowflakes that become a big snowball,
It has more speed until the end of the hills.
The sun will melt the snowball and the wind will blow the snowflakes away, but one day,
in the right conditions, the same snowflakes will come back down and make a new snowball.
Where do we come from? We don't know where we are going or how to get there.
We just want to find other snowflakes with whom to laugh, work, and be strong together.
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