DOKOYO is an Indonesian fashion brand based in Bali, created in 2012 by Horacio Castano,

an Italian immigrant with a long experience in the fashion industry and garment production.

Our goals as a company are to create high-quality,

artisanal products that are respectful of the environment and of the people who produce them.

In particular, we are interested in recycling and reusing plastic,

a problem that is tangible on the Balinese beaches and seems to have no end;

for this reason, we include two hours of beach cleaning in our workweek,

which we all do with great enthusiasm.

In 2012, when we started, we focused mainly on the Balinese market,

creating an iconic underwear with "I LOVE BALI" printed on it and distributing it in more than a hundred points of sale on the island. However, the COVID crisis has caused everything to collapse,

so we have started to produce for other international brands.

Now we are ready to get back on track, stronger than ever!

We believe that in a moment of incredible changes like the present one,

it is essential to take an active stance in the resolution of social problems,

for the sake of our children. For this and other reasons, we would like to be part of the necessary change that our society needs. We strongly believe in the power that the individual has to solve problems

and in the full awareness that only through collaboration between individuals

can the current problems we face be solved.

We like to imagine ourselves as snowflakes that, when united, become a ball and that, rolling,

become bigger and bigger, a ball full of joy and awareness that,if we want to change for the better,

we must start rolling now, tomorrow may be too late. 

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