Hummingbirds Bali

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Over the last few years, videos of plastic in Bali’s waterways have gone viral. And while the footage is distressing, the reality is even worse. It’s this reality that influenced our team and led to the creation of Hummingbirds Bali.

Bali’s marine life is being threatened by ocean plastics; more than 600 species of coral, 2000 species of reef fish, 6 out of 7 species of the worlds sea turtles, plus mantarays, mola mola, sharks, dolphins…you get the point. The entire marine eco-system is impacted by ocean plastics and we need to make change. NOW.

Hummingbirds Bali is a movement of like-minded people, all aiming to clear our oceans of harmful plastics. We are focused in Bali but we want to join with other hummingbirds around the world. We are proud to partner with Dokoyo, a Bali-based fashion brand that uses ocean plastics turned into recycled polyester for all their products.

Collaborative efforts to protect our oceans need to include more than just beach cleaning.

  • Educating visitors and residents about single-use plastics and alternatives
  • Working with a strong and comprehensive waste management plans
  • Creating successful business alliances to encourage plastic-free workplaces
  • Sharing Hummingbirds Bali worldwide

Hummingbirds Bali is a movement from Dokoyo in an effort to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean, especially around Bali. To join us for beach cleaning or to learn more about becoming part of the Hummingbirds Bali collaboration, get in touch today.

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